Knit-along update

Today is a good day to be knitting. We had snow today. I really thought that we would be all done by now. The heating is on, hopefully for the last time this spring.

I am busy with the Sophia Cardigan from Woodside Knits. I will admit that I am having some difficulty with the Front Right. I am sure I am mis reading the pattern, a look on Ravelry for solutions has yielded no results. I am thinking a rest from knitting today will be good. Get up and stretch, write a note to the designer to see if she can help, then retry!

What do you do when you cannot figure something out? Do you panic, or calmly try to work it out?

I will update you tomorrow with my progress

Happy Knitting





Someone has been busy

I was browsing my Ravelry Group and I found a lovely shawl featured there by Nanette. This project could be done in Knit one Crochet Too TY DY. Nanette used Gina by Plymouth Yarns.
Click the link, or the photo to check it out for yourself.


Broomstick Lace Scarf

DSC00290Broomstick lace is always fun to do. You can use a broom handle , a dowel or a very large knitting needle. In my video you will see me using a custom made large knitting needle. You will need to know how to do a crochet chain, a single crochet and be able to multiply by 5.

This is what I used:

Knitting needle Size 50

Crochet hook size L

2 skeins of Gossip by Trendsetter Yarns.

Step 1: Using your crochet hook chain 25. Turn

Step 2: Pull loop through each chain stitch and place loops onto your knitting needle. I find placing the needle between my legs helps….try not to giggle.

Step 3: When you have 25 loops on the needle Then you will need to start taking the loops off.

Step 4: Very carefully remove 5 loops. Anchor the 5 loops by making a slip stitch though the middle of the loops. You then need to make 5 single crochets through the middle of the loops.

Step 5: Take the next 5 loops off the needle, make 5 single crochets through the middle of the loops. Continue in multiples of 5 until no loops remain on the needle.

Step 6:  Pull yarn through the top loop of your single crochets. Placing the loops on your knitting needle.

Repeat steps 3-6

When you have reached the required length end on step 5. You may like to do and additional row of single crochet to finish the scarf. (I didn’t)





The Deep Blue

IMG_4571_medium2Another really lovely project posted by Donna. This is made using Copper Corgi Savannah. Click on the photo for more project details. Do you have a project you would like to show me?

Would anyone like to join me in making Sophie by Jennifer Wood?


Click photo for pattern details.  This looks like a lovely cardigan for spring/summer/fall. If spring ever arrives!

Another Ravelry project

Just spotted another project using Trekking XXl. This time the socks were made by Lee.  These socks were made for sock madness. For those of you who haven’t heard about sock madness. Knitters compete in teams to make socks in a timely fashion. On every round knitters are eliminated until a winner is found. I have 3 or 4 customers competing. IMG_4448_1__medium2Click on photo for more information.

Would you like your project featured. Either email me, Facebook message me or post your project to Newton NJ knitters on Ravelry.

Happy Knitting


My newest creation on Ravelry

DSC00195I have been busy finishing spring projects. Hop on over to Ravelry to view my latest. This is made using Bamboo Soft by our friends at Trendsetter Yarns. The yarn is everything it promises to be. Soft and shinny. I love the drape of the yarn. Many of you are aware that orange is my favorite color and to mix it with pink is heavenly. Now just to loose some more weight!

Ravelry Posts

Alohomora by Malena Andersen Zitron Trekking XXL Color 211

Today I checked out the Newton NJ knitters forum on Ravelry. You have all been busy knitting and crocheting. This beautiful pair of socks was made by Jan W. Who are they for Jan?